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thanks carol! btw the day u and rhianna started being friends was the day i was born

TEN random things about me:
10. I love tattoos
09. I like molson canadian
08. I have an obsession with greek mythology
07. I love ALL music
06. I despise self-centered people
05. I am excessively paranoid
04. I Love Canada
03. I'd like to visit Italy or Ireland sometime before I die
02. I like boys with long hair
01. I curse a lot

NINE ways to win my heart:
09. Don't lie to me.. ever. I will find out.
08. Don't diss me in front of your friends to try and look cool, you arn't
07. Don't ignore me, that pisses me off
06. Show me that you care.
05. Don't make me feel underappreciated
04. Don't yell at me about something that isn't my fault/problem, it makes me grumpy
03. Don't make me feel like its my fault that we can't see/talk to eachother because of thigns i can avoid
02. Be nice to me (I appologize for not knowing how to take compliments)
01. Don't treat me like shit.

EIGHT things I want to do before I die:
08. Meet Vinnie Paul
07. go to the Luve and the Vatican
06. get married
05. Have an exhibit
04. Sing infront of a bunch of people and not be scared
03. Turn my body into a piece of art
02. Ride a horse threw Ireland and see all the castles
01. have children

SEVEN places I want to visit:
07. Egypt
06. London
05. Dublin
04. Rome
03. Austrailia
02. Southern France
01. more of Canada

SIX things I don't like:
06. Conceited bitches
05. sluts
04. Liars
03. Guys who wear girl pants
02. Fakes
01. the color yellow

FIVE things I'm afraid of:
05. Being alone
04. disease
03. losing those i love
02. Love
01. falling

FOUR of my favorite items in my bedroom:
04. my bed
03. my computer
02. PS2
01. pillows

THREE things I do everyday:
03. mess around on the computer
02. do homework
01. sleep

TWO Things I am trying not to do right now:
02. scream
01. go outside

ONE person I love:
01. James
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