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gawwww cock chaos

whoa: this is the only word that comes to mind after everything that has happened in the past few days, let alone the pass few hours. I can't wait to come home and escape all of this shit. It'll be nice to be home and in the arms of people who love me.

I'm about fed up with this bullshit and Courtney. She is all about making people feel sorry for her and im tired of it. I understand she is going through a rough time, but we have all been there. EVERYONE OF US!!! And all she does is make her problems seem more important than everyone elses. So what does she do? She uses the suicide of another person as sympathy towards herself. What is that shit. Of all the shitty people I have met in my life, I have never met anyone like her. Her good qualities are harder than shit to see and they dont nearly outweight the bad ones she has. She's self-centered, rude, inconsiderate, and just all around doesnt care about anyone elses problems. And the thing that pisses me off the most is the fact that she claims I have everything. Someone tell me how teh fuck I have everything. My mommy and daddy dont buy me new cars like hers and I don't get moneyf rom my parents at a drop of the hat. Yea she may work but you know what she hasn't a dime of that shit cuz she wastes it on pot and food for her fat face ( yes i made a low blow and call her fat). It was too easy im sorry. I just cant take this, thank god I dont live with ehr anymore because I would have killed myself. And the best part? she is leaving in the fall for some other school. I couldn't be happier for that. So tell me this.....Why can't I fucking tell her how much I hate her right now? Want to know why? Because I cant: it could push her to the edge of god knows what and to be honest the bitch is big and could prolyl kick my ass. It also doesn't help that I don't like hurting people's feelings. God I wish I had the balls to say something. I really do. SOMEONE GIVE ME THERE BALLS!!!!!

On a happier note, me and james are one year and a month :). I miss him so much. This semester was hard because I didn't go home as often to see him. But the webcamera made it easier on us: my baby is so smart. i'm getting my microphone when i come home so i can use it here too. I'm so excited to go home, even though now i have to go on saturday instead of this thursday, cuz someone is a BITCH!!!!!! Oh well the important thing is im going home. I hope I can fix this web camera though its too dark and making me mad. I wish I was better with technology. Okay now that I feel better, I'm going to do my math homework. Damn Statistics class, even though i'm doing good in the class...

"You Don't Even Know!!!!"
"Tina you fat lard come eats some dinner!!..EAT THE FOOD!!!!!"
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