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Sigh, I hate al of this. It makes no sense. I understand that people have problems with others and that's fine. Life is not perfect and people always have animosity to others. I just wish that people would not resort to violence and/or harsh unnecessary comments to make them feel better. People say alot of things out of anger, and people also say things they don't mean. But please: why should it matter?

If you really hate someone and what they stand for then fine. But why would you let it overtake your life? Why would you waste your effort and your precious time just to make them feel like shit and have them retaliate with violence or more nasty words. Life is way to short to dwell on the people who ironically mean "nothing" to you. That let's them know that you do care, hence they continue to provoke you. Because they know it drives you nuts and it gets you going.

Based on events that I have endured in the past I know that I would be called somewhat hyporcritical. However, I for one have not exposed myself to the vulenrability of others in this department. I haven't in a very long time. Maybe being far from home I realize that time is precious, maybe I've grown up or maybe I've just become less ignorant. Whatever the case may be, I know now that life is too short and that I for one do not want to waste it. I have had some amazing experiences here and i have met some great people too. Sure there have been times when I've wanted to choke someone but hey thats life: It can't rain all the time.

Don't ask where any of this came from, I'm just feeling philisophical. School is done minus finals this week. I'm psyched though cuz I come home soon. I can't wait to see everyone I've missed (hoping that a recent comment didnt rub anyone the wrong way.) Oh well. For once I spoke my mind and didn't aim agression towards anyone so fuck it. Well, I UPDATED!! :)

I already know that it isn't my place to say anything so please don't try to remind me of it already. And I hoenstly don't want to know. I just wish that instead of provoking the situation everyone can go on with their lives and do what makes them happy, without the expense of others. And I say that to EVERYONE that has a problem with someone else. It is easier and better in the end to just concentrate on what is important: life.
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