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I haven't updated this thing in awhile but I feel like I should. I'm back here at school. It's not like it used to be. I love my roomate and I like all but one class I'm taking, but I don't feel as productive because I'm not working. It kinda sucks but I also don't want to work in a way. I feel like I have a lot of time on my hands but I don't in a sense. I just miss James really bad. I feel so lonely here without him. It's hard watching My roommate getting letters from her girlfriend and me just sitting here waiting for him to come online. I know that getting a letter isn't the end of the world, but it still means something to me. My sister can have her baby any minute now and I'm excited. It just sucks, because being here I feel like I am missing everything

Jesse and Derek got evicted today from the apartment. Jesse is going back home and I don't like that. He was one of the first people here I connected with and who understood me but now he's leaving. He said hed come visit but it's kinda hard when you can't drive in New York state heh. I helped Derek move into his new apartment and its nice. It's just not the same feeling, ya know? It's been a somewhat depressing day in taht sense. I also got a nasty letter from fat bitch Courtney. (For those who don't know her, picture Sarah Frost only 80,000,000 pounds heavier and snottier. I finally told her to fuck off and that no one liked her, because no one does. I feel better for doing that but she said something that really rubbed me the wrong way: she said I was selfish. If there is one thing I have done in my life it has been trying not to be selfish and I did think that I wasn't. Now I'm worried that I am and I don't want that. I guess most of you would say don't let her get you but it's hard. It's hard when you value another person's opinion so much. I don't really value hers but its a just something that bugs me.

So yeah, school is good, I miss James, I miss work and I hate people. I also hate feeling like i'm doing nothing. I don't think anyone really reads this anyways, which is kind of good because I feel more like I'm venting and not being judged in a way. Who knows...
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yay Jenn updated!!!!!!

I wouldn't have told you not to ler her get to you. I would have told you to punch her in the face.. good job at choosing the middle option though
Oh Carol, how I've missed your comments. They bring joy to my heart :) How's the new boy toy?
he's the best he'll be back here in 47 days. i miss him..
I know how you feel. I miss James too. I'm glad that you are happy with him, you deserve to be. I hope the 47 days goes by quickly too :)