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So sucks.

Went to Long Island for the weekend and spent it with Erika. Met a few of her friends and partied at her house friday night. It was fun but i played too many drinking games too fast and ended up passing out at 1 am lol. I'm a dork. I love her mom, shes the sweetest woman and shes so cool. I got a guitar pic with Dimebag Darrel's face and signature on it. Kick ass for me. Hehehe

I get to come home the 15th for a baby shower on saturday so that's nice. I just cant wait till this semester is over, so I can work and relax and be home with everyone. It makes me sad that Mitch Hedberg is dead and I never got to see him..FUCKERS!!

I'm rooming with Erika next semester so I am looking forward to next year. However work sucks and I need a car when i get home. Let's hope Ill get one.. is there and im alive so woopedee doo doo..heh doo doo
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