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My Lovely Two Cents

So yea, I've been reading people's shit on there journals, and i gotta tell ya: everyone is fucking stupid. I find it hilarious that people who haven't been in school for many years are still causing high school drama. It makes you wonder if anyone really grows up. I can't help but laugh at the morons who say " oh your a slut" or " oh im better than you" you people are fucking hilarious...

..yea im aware that its none of my business, and yea im aware that im prolly gunna get nasty comments from some bitches who think they are "better than me". But the thing is this..I don't care and I find you all pathetic anyways. So go ahead and waste your breath and try to offend me or get me started..I DARE YOU!!!!!...

Anyways I hope that everyone else is having a wonderful life and that they aren't buying into this bullshit. I also hope that everyone is getting there life on track and if they are then I say good for you, because if you attempt to get your life together than you already deserve to be happy. So I am proud of you guys who are doing well for yourselves..and you should be proud of yourselves too.

As for you guys who thrive on bringing other people down and making them miserable: I laugh at you and your pathetic excuse for a life...

Again I am aware of how none of this is my business but I just had to say something because i find this all childish and I think instead of ruining other people's lives, they should be living it.

By the way, I love everyone that is a current friend of mine on here or not on here. Whether I have talked to you recently or not, whether we aren't as close as we once were or we are close as hell, whatever: each of you has made my life better and each of you deserve nothing but happiness and prosperity.

ok enough sappy shit..Summer is so F-ing close to me right now and all I can do is smile because of it..counting down to May 13th WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo
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