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You happy??

So I'm updating now because SOME PEOPLE GET BORED AND NEED SOMETHING TO READ!! :) Anywho, some new things happened and some not so new but eh ill tell it anyways

So I went home last weekend for my brother's fiance's baby shower. It wasn't too bad actually. It was beautiful weather and nice to see my brother. He looks like grizzly adams with his beard lol. I also got to see my nephew who by the way is the most ADORABLE BABY IN THE WORLD!! My sister is having another one and she looks pretty good too. Brennan is so much bigger since i've seen her and she looks happy as well. My family is doing pretty well too.

I have a job to come home too thank god. It's nothing fabulous but its money that il be saving. I'm also getting my license soon and a car too. WOO!! School is almost done which is very exciting. I have a few drawing finals to do but im doing excellent in all my classes. I also got a letter that said im on the dean's list which fucking rocks. I feel like im doing better here then i ever was in high school. 3D sculpture is not my favorite class in the world but im doing pretty well in that too so go me. Art history seems to be one of my best classes along with statistics so i hope my GPA will go up at least 2 points. I like my 3.0 but I want it to be higher.

So Courtney got a kitten and its staying in her dorm room. Yes she shouldn't have one and it is cute. However if she thinks that when she goes to class imt aking care of it she has another thing coming to her. I got enough shit to do for myself I cant take care of hers too. By the way she is back to her oldself. Im not liking this medication shes on again. The older one made her happier and better all around, but she couldn't sleep. Now she is awake more bitchy. Its not my life or my medication so I can't have a say in it but i personally think she should go back to it. Oh well.

AHHH class tomorrow..sleep now...
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