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Poop on a popsicle

Damn it's been forever. I don't use this thing so much: maybe because it's just another website to go to..or maybe I've been busy? Eh who knows these days. Everything seems to be compressed into one big thing. I guess it can be considered to be a good things, since the days go by fast. But I've noticed the faster that it goes the less time I have to be in college. It's scary to think that in less than a year I'll be a junior in college and have to be an adult. I really have no idea where everything is going to come to a point. There is so much shit I'll have to do when I get out of here: find a place to live, a decent job and get my masters. Shit man I don't want any of it yet. AT ALL!!

School has been school. I officially changed my major to Art History and I'm thinking of teaching so I think I should talk to my advisor about some education courses that I need to take. I'm taking care of all of that before class on Tuesday so I can figure it out. I don't have to register until my brother's birthday, so I got a little time. But not alot. I'm not sure what's going on: I just don't want to have nothing when I get out of here. Other than these things that worry me, everything else is okay. James and I are still great and he's having a lot of things sorted out in his life now (A.K.A. a job, a license and car etc.) He and his family are moving near his Aunt's house, which turns out to be a 20 minute drive from my house so it's not too bad. It still sucks though, because I can't take a bus to his house anymore. Oh well. I'm getting my license soon anyways so what does it matter.

I've decided to be frank at this point instead of holding back, because where does that get you? I'm tired of being critized for my music taste/or distaste. I made the mistake of telling someone that I liked one song by a shitty band, and now I'm considered a hypocrite when I say "I hate____". Fuck that and fuck you. It's hard to say that since I considered you a great friend, but seriously. Do I take the cheap shots that are available to criticize you?? No, because I'm better than that and because I don't see a point in it. You want to talk about being hypercritical? How about you bitching about people and not saying a damn thing to them about it? Yeah, about that.

Now that THAT is out of my system: I hate "the future". It sounds so scary yet so tempting. Hmmm. I guess it is time to grow up. Heh and I thought I was already there. Guess not as much as I thought
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